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3 Helpful Ways to Better Manage Your Time

Running a business is a very challenging endeavor. One of the major challenges for running a business is time management. It is important to be very diligent with your business responsibilities. Otherwise, you will miss deadlines and you will not make as much money. Many people that have tried running their own businesses have experienced the frustration that a lot of time has passed without them getting as much done as they originally wanted. This is an ongoing struggle for many entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there are techniques that will help you manage your time better. You will not only get more done, but you will also earn more income.

1. Organization

Organization is a very important part of success in anything your do. When everything is organized, you are more likely to get work done more efficiently. You can get better organized by putting together a schedule. This will help you categorize the different types of work you intend to get done for the day. If you are trying to take on multiple assignments at one time with no rhyme or reason, then you are only going to stumble over yourself. A schedule can make things go a lot smoother for you in getting things done.

2. Prioritize

Often times, you are going to find yourself in a situation where you are not going to be able to get everything done. This is where you have to prioritize. When you are prioritizing, you are determining the most important tasks to get done for your business or career. The less important tasks will come after the most important tasks and so on. Once you get the most important tasks out of the way, you will have had a productive day even if you didn’t get to every task that you wanted to get to.


3. Block Out Distractions


One of the biggest reasons that work does not get done is because of distractions. This is especially true for people who work online. It is very easy for people to drift off or get caught up with the latest viral video. Other forms of distraction are getting caught up in a discussion on a topic that you are very passionate about. There are ways to block that out. You can set up times for looking at and engaging in these topics. You can set aside a lunch hour for these activities. After all, you have to have a break from work every now and then.


There are many other ways to manage your time. The most important way to manage your time is to make sure that you are getting enough rest. You also want to get up early in the morning and start your work on time. Sometimes, just being late can throw your whole work day off. A very important aspect of success is in having a schedule and sticking to it. However, flexibility is also an important aspect of having a successful business. Once you have solved the problem of time management, then you will have a better chance at success.

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Small Business Office in NJ

The Importance of Good Design in a Small Business Office Environment

There is a lot to recommend a small business office environment. People tend to be more friendly and willing to work together in a smaller space. You want to make the best use of space in a small office. Having files and folders piled onto or next to a desk is unrealistic and could be dangerous. Make sure that there is plenty of shelving and storage space. When floor room is limited, you need to keep it as uncluttered as possible.

Light and Bright

Work is difficult in a space where the lighting is poor and the decor on the dark side. Make sure that you have a comfortable level of lighting in your small business office. One way of making a small space feel and appear larger, is to have the walls painted a light colour. If you have light gray carpeting, you may have to get it professionally cleaned or replaced more often, but it will make a small office look roomier.

Make sure that the office is professionally cleaned on a daily basis, especially if clients tend to visit the office. The old adage that first impressions count, is as true of your office, as it is of your person. People are more likely to do business with you if they have a pleasing experience of your office. You only have a short time to make your pitch, so you don’t want a potential client’s attention distracted by a cluttered office.


Ergonomic furniture, i.e., furniture that’s designed to properly accommodate the person is a good investment. A lot of business time is lost during the course of a year due to employees taking sick days because they have a bad back. When you’re thinking about a small office business office environment, don’t forget your employee’s comfort.

Studies suggest that when workers are provided with the right equipment, including desks and chairs, their productivity goes up. People tend to work better, i.e., be more productive, when they are happy and protected in their working environment. When the office is clean and bright and they are comfortable at their desk, people tend to work better.

Make sure that the windows in a small business office environment are easy to open and close. Nobody wants to be cold in the winter because windows can’t close properly; nor do they want the office to feel airless in the summer. If you want a happy workforce, and a successful business, then make sure that your business office is comfortable and fit for purpose.

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Secure Investing Lock

Cyber Security and Investing: What You Need To Know

Lately, investors have been having a love affair with cyber security. But if you look just a few years in the past, investors were like the high school football captain and cyber security was the nerd with the glasses; they didn’t believe that the cyber security was worth significant venture capital attention or investments. However, before you judge, they had their reasons, which include:

• Huge, headline grabbing cyber-attacks only began receiving attention a couple of years ago

• For many years, before the advent of cloud, mobile computing, etc. many considered cyber security to require a low level of innovation.

• Cyber security startups suffer from a valuations glass ceiling that limits upside potential

• Regulation is behind threat levels which allowed executives to shirk responsibility and companies to defer need security measures and related spending.

However all of that has changed. The increasing ferocity of cyber-attacks all over the world has shone a powerful light on this problem and has blurred of the lines between cyber security and our personal, financial, and national security; this has led to a worldwide upswing in investment over the past couple of years. For example, in 2012 alone, approximately 200 cyber security startups were able to attract over a billion dollars in funding and last year they were able to generate even more. Even seed stage cyber companies, who are usually considered the riskiest investments, sure over 30% of these investments.

As technology continues to grow, cyberspace has become an even bigger communications hub but it is also becoming a much more dangerous place; this is due to innovative trends in information and operational technology, e.g. Cloud, M2M, mobile, etc., that are changing the world as we know it. Unfortunately this also makes us more vulnerable to previously unimagined threats.

The growing sophistication, deep pockets, and effort levels of these cybercriminals make the need for innovative security technology more urgent than ever. In addition, compliance and regulation in the realm of cyber security are also progressing at a much faster pace and has also increase spending to the tune of an estimated $60 billion dollars on an annual basis; $12 billion alone is spent by the US government.

The Bottom Line

As the strategies of cyber criminals get more complicated, complex solutions are need to protect the Internet and our security from these growing threats. However, this will need significant research and development i.e. investments. However both customers and investors will face increasing challenges in determining which companies are worth the investment.

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Business Environment - Employee Laws

Are Your Employees Well Protected?

When you think about risk management for your business, it is an important aspect in any business and the focus should be on the safeguarding of your workforce. Under the law, you have a duty to provide your staff with a safe working environment. If you are in something like the construction business then you need to provide safety helmets and hard working boots, especially if they are working on site.


The Office Should Be A Safe Space

If you employ staff to work in the offices of your business, then you need to ensure that those offices are fit and habitable. If an employee has an accident while they are at work, and you have failed to provide a safe working environment, that employee has the right to sue you. It may cost a lot of money to provide a safe working environment and adequate facilities, but if you fail to protect your employees, it could cost you a lot more in the long run.


Safe and happy workers are generally a lot more productive, than employees who are not happy at work and who don’t feel safe in their working environment. There are plenty of studies that show a happy workforce is a more productive one – so in protecting your employees, you are also protecting yourself.


First Aid

No matter how much care you take to protect your employees, sometimes accidents happen. You should have a first aid box in your office, and preferably at least one employee who has experience in delivering first aid. There are times when a person is taken ill at work. As an employer you need to be able to demonstrate that you did what you could to help that person; especially if they are injured on your premises. Having a first aid practitioner to hand means that you are doing your best to ensure that your employees are safe.



You have a duty to make sure that employee’s personal data is safely stored in your computer system or locked filing cabinets. Data protection is now part of an employer’s duty to protect their employees, and you need to ensure that the data does not get into the wrong hands.


As a business owner, you have considerable responsibilities to your staff. If you fail to ensure that people have a safe working environment, you could lose a lot of money if you get taken to court. In the long run, protecting your employees is in your own best interests as an employer. Make sure that your staff are safe and happy, and you will have a workforce that cares as much about the company as you do.

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Managing risk in your business

Managing Risk in Your Business

No matter what type of business you run, there are risks attached. In the current, internet age there is an increased risk of someone hacking into your computer system. People hack computers for many different reasons. Even though you may not think that your business computer systems will get breach, you should still take some precautions. Sorting out computer security should be part of your risk management program. If you want to keep your clients happy, then you need to be able to demonstrate that their information is in safe hands.


Computer Software

There are any number of good computer software programs that are designed to detect threats to your computer security. As computer crime becomes more sophisticated, so the need for a program that tracks spyware, malware and trojans also increases. Modern criminals are far more sophisticated than their forebears and they understand that the best way to conduct business espionage is to breach that company’s computer network.


An increasing number of business owners now have computer systems whereby staff can only access information that is relevant to their place in the business. Different levels of security and secure passwords make it less likely that someone will access information that they are not entitled to. Before the internet age, criminals would get somebody into a company to steal their design secrets, or plans for the latest piece of electrical equipment. While the incidence of criminals actually infiltrating your company has been drastically reduced in recent years; a robust security system for your computer network should be part of your risk management strategy.


Which Program?  

There are any number of good computer security systems on the market. Some systems, for example AVG offer some free services, but it’s advisable to take the paid option, especially for your business security. If you have sufficient funds, you might want to consider having a program specially designed for your computer network. Such a system would include things like the security access levels mentioned above; so that only those people involved in a particular aspect of your business, would have access to certain parts of the system.


Data Protection

Your risk management strategy should include the security of personnel data. The Data Protection Act means that you have a duty to see that employee’s personal details does not get into the wrong hands. This same warning also applies to client data. When you are considering risk management for your business, you need to bear in mind that you also have a duty to ensure that client data, particularly personal data, is well protected.


Most businesses find that their existing internet security system is sufficient for their company needs. The best way to find out whether your level of security is sufficient for your business needs is to have it checked by an internet security expert.

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